AEDRA is all about you — and we would love to hear from you!

Writing can be cathartic, and sharing your recovery successes, tips, revelations and ideas helps other people learn and inspires others in recovery. 

Eating disorder professionals and family caregivers are very welcome to submit blogs too!

AEDRA is an open blog — that means anyone can submit a post. Here are some ideas for blogs that you might like to submit:

  • Thoughts on the things that motivate you to recover
  • Reviews of scientific studies on eating disorders
  • The support systems that helped you recover 
  • Recovery insights — such as: How do you cope with anxiety and stress when eating? How do you make sure you stick to your meal plan? Tips and tricks for achieving weight restoration etc, etc. 
  • Caregiver insights — Partners, spouses, parents and friends of people suffering from eating disorders can share stories on how to aid recovery
  • Treatment insights — Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient Programs. Share your recommendations and insights. 
  • Turning points — what helped you get over the hill in recovery?
  • How to get the treatment you need — insurance policies, advocating for your own treatment, and how to recruit family and friends into helping you recover. 
  • Family — how have you enabled your family to help with your recovery?
  • Therapies, treatments, recovery concepts that have worked for you. 

This is a purely recovery focused blog — your recovery stories can help other people!

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