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"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in."

- Winston S. Churchill



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AEDRA is the recipreant of the Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast hosted by Tabitha Farrar. 

This podcast covers all aspects of eating disorder recovery from the science behind understanding what an eating disorder really is, to implementing effective, and above all, evidence-based treatment. Podcast host Tabitha Farrar suffered Anorexia from age 17 to 26, then spent four years in recovery. She has now made a full recovery and lives a happy and full life. She has published a book called Love Fat outlining her recovery and explaining the often misunderstood concepts that underly this brain-based disease. This podcast will range from interviews with ED experts, to parents, to adult sufferers, to how to manage child sufferers, to the latest research, to everyday musings. Host and producer: Tabitha Farrar Disclaimer: This podcast is not endorsed by any medical professionals. Tabitha's opinions are her own. 

You can find and subscribe to this podcast here. 


AEDRA's Online Recovery Group for Adults 

Adults over the age of 25 can join us in our recovery Slack Group (forum). You can find out more details here. 




How Meditation Works

This article explains how meditation affects the brain, and why mindfulness is a useful and effective tool when recovering from an eating disorder.

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Meditations for Mealtimes

This article offers some short mediatation ideas for before, during and after mealtimes. 

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Managing Anxiety During Meals

This article offers ideas on how to manage high levels of anxiety during mealtimes. 

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Setting Up for Mealtime Success

How to plan for meals in a way that will raise your chances of success

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Free Resources donated to AEDRA by Tabitha Farrar:

These resources are available on and you will be redirected to that site in order to download them 


Eating Disorder Recovery Kit for AdultsAdults with eating disorders

This is designed for adults who are in recovery from an eating disorder and are actively trying to get better.

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Eating Disorder Recovery Guide for Adults Helping an Adult with an Eating Disorder Help Your Partner Overcome an Eating Disorder

This is a guide for adults who are helping another adult recover from an eating disorder. While written for partners of adult sufferers it is also relevant for parents and friends of adult sufferers.

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