Messaging Support

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."

- Mark Twain


New service: Unlimited online text and messaging support! Text support

$30 per week for unlimited messaging

Ideal lower-level support for people anywhere in the world — reach out and get support via online messaging.


This service is only availble if you are a meal support client already working with a coach.  

  • Real time, in-your-pocket support
  • Your own dedicated support coach
  • Daily motivational check-ins 


If you are interested in this option please enquire here:


Trouble with grocery shopping stress?

What about ordering that large latte or pain au chocolate that your anxiety has been stopping you from having so far. Or maybe you need someone to support you in not purging or participating in other eating disorder behaviors. Text support is the perfect on-the-go support for:

  •  Mealtimes and eating encouragement for people with restrictive eating disorders
  • Accountability check-ins for stopping purging
  • Accountability and trigger time support for people with BED
  • Helping with non-eating stressors such as encouragement while food shopping
  •  Times when you just need a little extra motivation

Messaging support is perfect for those of us who are a bit shy and don't want to jump straight into a videocall. Studies also show that some individuals open up more when they can remain anonymous, and that daily text accountability is effective in reducing non-desirable behaviors such as purging. 

Benefits of text support

  • Perfect if you are a bit shy and want to get to know a coach a bit before using the video support service. Sometimes shy people feel more confident when communicating via text
  • Accessible and convenient. Great for when you are on the go such as out shopping or ordering food in a restaurant
  • Low-profile support for when you are in a public space 
  • Allows you to reach out for help immediately in times of need.  
  • Support is always there when you need it regardless of time of day or night — 24/7!*


How it works

All text and messaging support services are overseen by Tabitha Farrar.

Once you have filled out the interest form in the link above, Tabitha — our coach trainer — will be in touch and will find out more about you. Tabitha will then match you with a recovery coach. While this recovery coach will be your primary support person, all messages are done on a private platform that allows Tabitha to oversee all messages. This means that regardless of the time of day, you will have a team of people ready to support you when you need it most.   

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AEDRA Pre-Scheduled Text Support

Not sure that you need unlimited text support?

Want to try it out next time you have to grocery shop, or eat a meal that is outside of your comfort zone?

You can one-time schedule text support with us too. 

How does it work?Text support guy

We use HIPAA messaging service VSEE so that texts between  you and your support coach are only seen by you and your support coach. VSEE is available as an app on your phone as well as on your desktop or tablet computer, so this makes the service available anywhere that you are with a mobile device. 

You can book a text support session in advance for when you know that you need support such as planned shopping trips, during or after mealtimes, or at times of day when you know that you are likely to want to purge. 

1. Book and schedule your text support session

2. Download VSEE on your phone or computer

3. At the time of your session, your coach will message you



What if I need spontaneous text support? 

Once you are a registered AEDRA customer, you can directly connect with your AEDRA coaches immediately in times of need without pre-booking.*

*While AEDRA coaches will try their best to respond to real-time demand, this cannot be guaranteed. To guarantee service you should always pre-book. 

Another option is that you go for our unlimited text/messaging support service as outlined above. That way you will not have to pre-schedule text support sessions, and can get into the habit of reaching for your phone in times when you need that little extra support. 


Getting Started

If you want to learn more and see if text messaging support is a good fit for you, please fill out the form by clicking on this button:


 *AEDRA coaches aim to reply immediately, but will reply within a maximum of 2 hours.