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"Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

- Henry Ford

AEDRA meal support is proud to work alongside treatment providers such as therapists, dietitians, nutritionists, and other eating disorder specialists to extend care outside of the practice and into your client's homes. 

Why work with AEDRA?
AEDRA proivdes the following benefits for Partner Treatment Providers:
  • Ability to provide your clients with extended in-home support so that they can adhere to meal plans as set by treatment providers.
  • Partner Treatment Providers will be listed in our directory of recommended providers. This enables visibility with AEDRA clients and web visitors who are currently seeking treatment providers. 
  • Partner Treatment Providers (with an on file Release of Information (ROI) form) can provide AEDRA with additional client information and communicate with Meal Support Coaches to further the provision of care for their patients. 
  • Partner Treatment Providers can inform AEDRA Meal Support Coaches on individual instructions for clients in coaching sessions. 
  • Partner Treatment Providers can request session feedback from Meal Support Coaches about client sessions, thus giving them an insight into how much their client is actually eating and where challenges are arising at mealtimes. 


AEDRA promise to treatment providers

Our HIPAA Compliant Meal Support Coaches will never give a client nutritional advice, counseling, therapy, or dietary recommendations of any kind. Meal Support Coaches provide online video support during client meals. The gentle verbal encouragement reinforces what the client's treatment team has stated the meal should consist of and leads to a greater likelihood that adequate food will be consumed. You can be confident there are no conflicts of interest when using our service. AEDRA meal support aims to work alongside and promote the work of effective eating disorder treatment providers.


How does AEDRA Meal Support work?

AEDRA Meal Support is an online service where people in need of additional encouragement at mealtimes can receive support via HIPAA compliant video call.  Meal Support Coaches are trained in the concepts of mealtime support and encouragement for people with eating disorders. To book a session, clients simply go to the online booking section of this website and select a coach and a day/time that they want the session. 

Clients working with Partner Treatment Providers are given a free additional service in which an AEDRA representative will work alongside the Partner Treatment Provider to match the client with the most suitable Meal Support Coach. That Meal Support Coach will then give feedback on session progress to the Partner Treatment Provider. Additionally, the Partner Treatment Provider can make requests of Meal Support Coaches, and instruct them to look out for particular behaviors in clients and report back. This allows for a complete feedback loop to the Partner Treatment Provider and enables them to monitor mealtime progress of their clients via AEDRA. Please note that AEDRA Meal Support Coaches will not act to correct behaviors in any way during an AEDRA session, but will report back on them so that Partner Treatment Providers can take action if needed. 

What is required for Partner Treatment Providers referring Clients to AEDRA?

  • Fill out form below and submit to be registered as an AEDRA Partner Treatment Provider
  • You will then be asked to ensure that the referred client signs and submits a Release of Information Form (ROI) giving permission for you to communicate with AEDRA about their care. 
  • For every new client you refer to AEDRA, you will need to fill out an AEDRA Partner Treatment Provider New Client Intake Form where you can give information about your clients needs and specify instructions for Meal Support Coaches
  • For client mealtime feedback, AEDRA prefer to use the HIPAA compliant messaging service offered by VSEE. If you would prefer to communicate via email or phone, please make sure that your client has indicated permission for this on the ROI form. 


Who can be an AEDRA partner?

Any individual, group, practice, or treatment center that provides services for people with eating disorders can apply to become an AEDRA partner. We welcome collaboration from all geographical locations. 


How to become an AEDRA partner 
Fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly. We look forward to working with you. 
Please include the following information in the message below:
  • Organization name (if relevant)
  • Contact person name, email, phone number 
  • Organization website
  • Any additional questions you have about becoming an AEDRA Partner Treatment Provider


We look forward to working with you in supporting people with eating disorders


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