Online Meal Support

"Everyone needs help. That's the human condition."

- Max Allan Collins


Meal support allows people with eating disorders to get the vital nutrition that they need in order to make a full recovery by providing them with the encouragement, reinforcement, and reassurance they need to eat a meal.


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Benefits of Meal SupportSome coaches

  • Decreases anxiety around eating and mealtimes
  • Supports sufferers in overcoming eating disorder behaviors at mealtimes
  • Increases the chance of physical recovery by reinforcing meal plan
  • Potentially increases the chance of mental recovery by helping the body become nutritionally supported
  • Potentially aids weight restoration in underweight sufferers
  • Allows eating at regular intervals to be supported
  • Provides sufferers with reassurance when mealtime fear kicks in
  • Allows sufferers to be supported by someone who understands eating disorders
  • Support and encouragement increases chance meal plan success
  • Continues recovery path for sufferers transitioning out of inpatient treatment
  • Supplements the treatment provided by a registered dietician or eating disorder therapist
  • We use HIPAA compliant VSEE for all Meal Support Sessions

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(March - September 2017 only)

Getting Started

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